Payment/ Reservation

Q.Please explain about the procedure for making a reservation.

After searching and selecting the room you want at Stayes,

    Make the down payment and wait for the reservation on a priority basis:
The final reservation is allowed to the customer who made the down payment first in a first-pay first-served way. Accordingly, the faster the down payment is made, the higher the possibility that the preferred room will be reserved. If the reservation is not made for reasons on the side of the host after the down payment is made, the amount is reimbursed 100%. In addition, a staff in charge is assigned to help the customer find out a better room at Stayes to the very end.

    After resolving any curiosities through the button for making enquiries, check the room by visit and settle the down payment:
The decision for reservation can be made after visiting the room selected for checks in person. The appointment for visit of the room can be set by using the button for request of the visit or for submission of queries, by e-mails, SNS or the real-time chatting. If you let us know your convenient time, a staff capable of speaking English/Chinese will be assigned to help you until you locate the room you selected. If you decide to reserve the room after the visit and checks, it can be reserved by way of the online settlement or wire transfer of the down payment. 

Q.How much is roughly the average security deposit and will it be possible to adjust the security deposit?

Stayes recommends one month rental or maximum 2~3 months rental as the security deposit to the hosts (owners of house). This is in order to aid with the successful lodgment of the tenants who feel the deposit of a large sum of amount burdensome.

There is a broad range of security deposits from below KRW 1 million to around KRW 5 million and the following three pricing options can be set to allow the hosts to establish the different monthly rental depending on the amount of the security deposit.

In addition, if you leave your query at Stayes regarding the expected level of security deposit, Stayes will let you know after discussions with the host as to the possibility of adjustment of the security deposit.

Q.Why should the security deposit be paid and when can I have it repaid?

The security deposit is received by the hosts for ease of treatment when the furniture or fixtures in the room are damaged or stolen or when the monthly rental or other amounts become overdue.

If there has not been any problem during the stay, the tenant can have the security deposit repaid in full from the host (house owner) at the time of withdrawal from the room.

If any of the facilities, furniture or fixtures in the room has been damaged or stolen, if there are any amounts due or if the cost for cleaning after the withdrawal from the room was not paid, the corresponding amounts will be deducted from the amount of security deposit before repayment.

If the tenant takes good care in the use of the furniture and fixtures in the room like those of their own and the rentals and other amounts due are paid in a timely way without overdue items, he/she will get the security deposit repaid without problems at the time of withdrawal from the room.

Q.What are the administration and utility charges and how are they paid?

The utility charges billed when you stay in Korea include the water supply bills, the subscriptions for the Internet and CATV, electricity charges and gas bills and the administration charges refer to the common expenses necessary for maintenance and administration of the shared building spaces (elevators, corridors, stairs and others) and the expenses are hence shared by the users of the building in common under the name of administration charges.

If you look at the details of the invoices billed for a month after you select the room at Stayes, you can understand for sure whether the charges are included in the bill for rental, whether you are required to separately install the lines for the Internet and CATV or whether they should be settled once a month depending on the extent of use and others.

In the case of the lines for Internet and CATV, we provide the assistances for the installation if you forward the corresponding request to Stayes and the monthly subscription amount depending on the extent of use will be billed by using the invoice with the details of usage through the host (house owner).

After checking the details of use for a month, you may pay the amount due to the host. If you have any difficulties in handling all these issues on your own, please give a call to the Customer Support Team at Stayes and we will be glad to help you through.  

Q.How can I make the payments?

The wire transfer can be made for downpayment. The payments also can be settled by using the Alipay or Paypal accounts. (It is used only for confirmation and residents should prepare all the costs in cash when moving in. Former payment through Paypal or Alipay will be cancelled.) 

Information on wire transfers 

  • If you let us know the name of the person who remitted the money along with the other details of remittance after the wire transfer at or 070-8162-7007, the reservation can be processed in an expedited way.
  • Domestic Transfer
    - Bank: IBK기업은행
    - Account No.: 
    - Holder: 주식회사 스테이즈
  • Overseas Transfer
    - Bank: Industrial Bank of Korea
    - Account No.: 233-092140-01-014, Stayes Inc.
    - Swift Code: IBKKOKRSE
    - Address: 50, Euljiro2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
    - Phone Number: +82-2-1566-2566

The query of the details of and printing of the receipts for the payments made can be allowed by way of the path [MyPage] and if any additional data is necessary, please submit your queries through the web site.

Q.The steps for the contracting process

1. Once you transfer the contract down payment to the host, your room reservation is complete. Stayes will provide you with all deposit-related information. 2. You may choose from 2 contract options. 1) Safe Contract • Process: Return security deposit and any unprecedented problems during the contract process will be resolved through Stayes warranty. • Price: Legal Service Commission 200,000~500,000 won 2) Regular Contract • Process: Direct contract with host without Stayes • Price: Stayes Service Commission of 180,000 won (Excluded tax)

Facitilites/Apartment Surrounding

Q.Can I stay with my pet?

In general, it is not easy to stay with the pets. There can be different reasons for this but if the stay with a pet is inevitable, we at Stayes will help you find out the suitable room as much as possible.

If the agreement is obtained from the host, you can stay with your pet but additional cleaning charge may be billed depending on the case when you leave the room. 


It is against the law to smoke indoors in Korea. You will be fined for voilating the law. All Stayes rooms are smoke free.

Q.What should I do when any of the furniture and fixtures in the room is damaged or for any other problems during the stay?

If you leave your message through the path [MyPage]-[Help&Support], it will be delivered to the host, who will arrange for the repairs, replacement or any other appropriate actions. In case the damage was caused by the fault of the customer, the charges for the maintenance and repairs will be claimed to the customer and therefore the customers should take precautions in the use of the furniture and fixtures in the room. The claim may either be billed separately or deducted from the security deposit paid to the host already.

In regard of the other miscellaneous problems (clogging of the toilet or the drainage from the washstand and others) that can occur during the stay, the Customer Support Team at Stayes aid through the online counselling for fast resolution of the problems.

In order to prevent the delays in processing of the urgent customer queries or requests and for assurance of the service at a higher level of quality, please be reminded that the assistance service from Stayes is restricted only to the those related to the rooms or services.

The operation hours of the online Customer Support Team is from 10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM (KST).  Mon.~Fri.