Facitilites/Apartment Surrounding

Q.How can I use the website and make a reservation?

1. Search and select the room you want at Stayes

2. Inquire availability

3. To confirm your reservation, make the down payment to the host and pay commission to Stayes.

4. Pay the balance when moving in.

Q.What is the steps for the contracting process?

Once you make the down payment and pay commission fee, your reservation is complete.

Stayes will provide you with all deposit-related information.

You may choose from 2 contract options.

1)      Realtor Contract

·        Service: Return security deposit and any unprecedented problems during the contract process will be resolved through Stayes warranty.  Staff from Stayes will help you complete the contract in person on move-in day.

·       Legal Service Commission 200,000~600,000 won (It differs by rent and deposit.)

2)      Regular Contract

·       Service: It is processed without our on-site service and warranty. After reserving through Stayes, the rest of the process—such as writing contract, moving in and returning deposit—is completed with the host.

·       Reservation Commission: 180,000won (VAT Excluded)

Q.어떤 방법으로 결제를 할 수 있나요?

User can pay by Transferring(Both domestic and oversea) or PayPal.

When transferring payment from overseas, your currency should be exchanged into Korean Won and the amount should be the same amount required for payment after exclusion of the transfer fee.

Using PayPal is only for the confirmation of your reservation.

When moving in, you need to prepare all the fees such as rent, the security deposit, and commission.

After making all the payments in cash, the PayPal payment will be cancelled.

(If you make a final payment through PayPal without cancellation, extra 10% will be charged because of PayPal commission) 

Q.What are the maintenance and utility charges and how are they paid?

The utility charges include the water supply bills, the subscriptions for the Internet, electricity and gas bills.

The maintenance charges refer to the common expenses necessary for maintenance of the shared building spaces (elevators, corridors, stairs and others) and the expenses are hence shared by the users of the building in common.

The way to bill these charges may differ depending on each property.

If you look at the details of properties on website, you can understand for sure whether the charges are included in the bill for rental, whether they should be settled once a month depending on the extent of use and others.

You can pay charges at the bank, bringing the bill.

Payment/ Reservation

Q.How can I pay through each way in detail?

1)     Required information for Domestic remittance

·       The name of bank: IBK 기업은행

·       Account number: 233-092140-01-014

·       Holder주식회사 스테이즈

·       The name of the person who remitted the money should be same as the one of the person who booked. When it is different each other, please let us know. 

2)     Required information for Overseas remittance(KRW)

·       The name of bank: Industrial Bank of Korea

·       Account number: 233-092140-01-014

·       Holder: Stayes Inc.

·       Swift Code: IBKOKRSE (or IBKOKRSEXXX)

·       Country: Korea, Republic of

·       Bank information

-  Address: 50, Euljiro2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

-  Contact: +82-2-1566-2566

3)     Required information for Paypal payment

·        We will send you a payment request e-mail.

                 You can simply pay using an overseas credit card through this e-mail, even if you don't have a PayPal account.

        (VISA, MasterCard, American  Express, Discover)

Q.Can I visit properties before making a reservation?

The decision for reservation can be made after visiting the room selected for checks in person.

The appointment for visit of the room can be set by your request through submission of inquiry, e-mail and  the real-time chatting.

Q.I can't find any interesting properties.

If you can't find any interesting properties at Stayes, please leave your specific preference through "REQUEST RESIDENCE" at the top of website in order for us to locate a more suitable room for you!

Q.What should I do when any problems come up during the stay?

If you leave your message at Stayes regarding any troubles with the property, it will be delivered to the host, who will arrange for the repairs, replacement or any other appropriate actions.

(In case the damage was caused by the fault of the customer, the charges for the repairs will be claimed to the customer)

In regard of the other miscellaneous problems (clogging of the toilet or the drainage from the washstand and others) that can occur during the stay, Stayes aid through the online counselling for fast resolution of the problems.

Q.Smoking indoor is allowed?

It is against the law to smoke indoors in Korea.

You will be fined for violating the law. All Stayes rooms are smoke free.

Q.Can I stay with my pet?

In general, it is not easy to stay with the pets.

There can be different reasons for this but if the stay with a pet is inevitable, Stayes will help you find out the suitable room as much as possible.

If the agreement is obtained from the host, you can stay with your pet but additional charge may be billed depending on the case when you leave the room.

Q.How can I contact Stayes?

Business hour  Weekdays 10:00 ~ 21:00 Saturday 10:00 ~ 19:00

KakaoTalk ID  stayes

Wechat business account ID  stayeskorea

E-mail  friends@stayes.com

Phone number  070-5121-3028 (+82-70-5121-3028)