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This is a nice platform. I purchased a mattress and a duvet cover on the commerce site. Delivery is quick and customer supporter replied to my inquires during the night. I would like to give a good review to the service.
My home is very comfortable and I feel very relexed here. The landlord is very nice as well. Thanks to Stayes for finding me home I really like.
Stayes always respond quickly to my inquiries of resolving an issue or answering questions. Many representatives serve in customer experience.
I strongly recommend Stayes!!! This company possess the unrivaled capability of finding suitable rooms in Korea. All staffs are working very effieciently and responsible. All members of Stayes help foreign students regarding any issues that foreigners are not familiar with. They are very patient and passionate. The service process is very clear and commission is reasonable for me. For a short term travel to Korea, Stayes also works. I guarantee the quality of homes and reasonable pricing.
Stayes works perfectly when you need your own place to stay after having a plastic surgery in Korea.
Stayes!!! It make me feel as if I am in my hometown. This service is amazing.
It has been almost one year since I arrived in Korea. I have made two contracts here with Stayes. Personally, I think Stayes is very fast growing. Needless to say about the quality of rooms, It was perfect for me. If it wasn't, I would not have made additional contract. Every time I met them, they serveed me with their kind heart so I felt as if I was in my hometown with my friends! I can say Stayes is my another hometown! I will support your team forever!
I have entered Kyung-hee University last December. I did not speak Korean at all when I just arrived here! Luckily, I came to know Stayes, so I could avoid living in a dorm room I did not prefer. Instead, I got my own place! You can trust, you can rely on them! All staffs from Stayes took care of my issues very patiently. They also kindly gave me useful advice. I greatly appreciate the service of Stayes and the members of customer support team.
Needless to say again, all I needed was Stayes.
At the beginning, I thought I did not need Stayes service. I thought I could find my flat for a month by myself, and looked around 20 Korean real estate agencies. However, Even if I looked around lots of rooms, I chose Stayes's room. Compared to other rooms, the room provided by STAYES has better environment, location and price than any other place. In addition, from checking lists to personal issues, Stayes helped to communicate with landlord instead of me, and solved the problems. Thus, I have to compliment Stayes service and commodities! Currently, I recommend Stayes to my friend who are looking for a flat. That is because I am satisfied with my current flat and my friends will be satisfied, too.
I arrived in Korea last September. Stayes helped me solve every issue of accommodation; searcing a room, purchasing furnitures, setting up wifi, etc. I cut a loss possibily happening at that time. I was really touched by the service in foreign country.
Stayes is the best platform! Haha. I got the rooms twice from Stayes! They offer more choices than before! And there are more types of rooms you can choose! Also, the service is much better and better! Every time I met the Stayes staffs, they were cute and kind! They are responsible, and quickly respond to my issues or complaint from living! They always made us satisfied with our requirements! Travelers or people coming to Study in Korea, just Check Stayes! Thank you.
It's pretty good. Actually It's perfect. I really like the staff who found me home and helped my moving-in.
Yes it is! It's a perfect service what I need! hahahaha It took a little bit long time to select my room. The thing is an agent who served me was amazingly nice, she got me a perfect room!! I was really impressed, touched, and grateful! I can say It's a nice choice to find your home with Stayes!!
#Stayes# I finally secured my downpayment. Some issues are completely resolved. All staffs of Stayes is responsible ^^ When you need to get a room in Korea, do not hesitate to call to #Stayes#
I and my friends got a room near SKKU with stayes a few days before beginning my college life. The room was fine and rent fee was reasonable as well. The staff was so kind, I like her. She gave us a lot of helps. We easily got help from her again when we face another problem. If we need another room for rent, we are sure to call to Stayes. We recommend it!!!
Every foreign students in Korea can get help from Stayes.
A staff of Stayes who served me was a very kind person. She is serving me showing various rooms with patience. It's difficult to find a suitable room in Korea, but this service is helping based on your requirements. Very fast and very easy.
I am sure Stayes is the best choice for foreign students who need their own home in Korea! It's only the best :) p.s The staff who served me was very kind and pretty. :D
Ah~ I found my home with Stayes. I had talked to a staff of Stayes since I was in China. So to speak~ she was very very kind~ She showed me the rooms that she searched based on my requirements. Also, while I was viewing the rooms she helped me think clearly and gave me her opinion to pick the best one. After visiting rooms, she did her best when we were signing up a lease contract, explained me everything I wondered and checked terms together~ I ask a lot of questions regarding residential and cultural issues, then she replied very kindly~ Ah~ She was very warmhearted~ Another moving day is coming for me, I may request searching my new home to Stayes again~
This is my second home with Stayes. The service is very convenient. For your long-term stay, all you need to do is brining your luggage. Because Stayes provided additional living stuffs for me.(Now Stayes helps easy purchase living stuffs) I did not have to purchase my blankets and matrix things. You don't need to worry about anything, and your place must be clean, fancy and safe ^^ The staffs are capable of foreign languages, so there is no trouble in communication. If you face any difficulties during your stay, they will take care of it very quickly :) I was feeling so comfortable during my stay! I already recommended Stayes to my friends~ I would love to stay again at Stayes♡
I have selected Stayes service with very good feeling. I am very thankful to the staff because she searched and showed me available rooms so I could easily get a suitable room for me. She served me all-day for visiting rooms and also helped negotiating rent fee with a landlord. Even though I had a little misunderstanding of process with another agent, she also fixed it very nicely. Thank you Stayes. Thank you guys~~^_^
This company is reliable and trustworthy real estate business platform♡ The female staff for me gave me lots of useful advice. Even though it was snowing, she was looking around the room with me, and she helped me to negotiate the rental price between landlord and me. Also, she was checking the contract for me, in detail and solved the problems related with furniture. I got high returns from small fee^^. I would like to say that STAYES is highly recommended company when you find a room!!!
I don't really know how to say, but I am trying to summarize my experience in a few words... The service is convenient and easy. I am willing to use it again. This is essential for travelling. Do not hesitate to join.
I can say that I found the best room for me in Seoul from Stayes. And I met Han who is working in Stayes. Thanks to his dedicated help and advice, I could adapted my life in Korea quickly. If you are looking for a short-term room in Korea, Stayes will be the best choice. The room is the best quality with cleanness and coziness.
It has been three month since I lived in my room from Stayes. Deposit is only 10% compared to other normal real-agency contracts. And the rooms are fully-furnished! Every room! Period of lease contract is relatively flexible. You can extend your contract for one month, three month, or six month so you don't need to worry that you are going to fail to get a room based on your schedule.
Stayes offered me great accommodation nearby Dongdaemon. Their service was quite good and always reach them easily and quickly. When I had some troubles or issues about the room, they made an effort to solve it perfectly with kindness. Highly recommended!